MTS Freight helps companies lower costs by supporting their Just In Time inventory management by providing 98+% on time delivery service. Additionally, 99.53% of all shipments transported in 2014 were claims free, further lowering costs associated with claims administration, while our billing department was 99.8% accurate, reducing time, energy and money spent communicating with your carrier for corrected invoices. Add it all up and MTS Freight just makes dollars and cents.



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Effective December 1, 2015, MTS Freight will implement a 4.95% base rate increase for all non-contractual shipments. The rate increase is being implemented to help offset rising costs of doing business; including wage pressure associated with the nationwide truck driver shortage, higher equipment costs and increased regulatory compliance. Please contact your local account executive with questions.

Rate Increase Fall 2015

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November on time percentage - 98.0%

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